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In the past, we struggled together, and now we reunite to talk about our deep feelings - the tenth anniversary commemorative activities of the reunion of the reunion and SOS were successfully held

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On April 24, coinciding with the school's celebration week, the School of Computer and Communication Engineering held the 10th anniversary commemorative activity of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the college, the representatives of the past instructors and members of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering were invited to return to their alma mater to remember the past and talk about the present.  





At 9:30 a.m., representatives of alumni returned to school one after another to receive alumni souvenirs and take photos at Dingxin Square. Some of them have become the mainstay of the Internet industry, some of them are working in the fields of communication, aerospace, military, education, etc. Some of them are still pursuing further studies in universities at home and abroad, and they are engaged in different jobs, but all of them have a common identity, a member of the team and a member of SOS. With the excitement and happiness they had not seen for a long time, they were happy to embrace each other in this familiar campus. 



The past instructors and members of the Student Association of the Youth League Committee and the SOSS Association gathered at 617 and 601 of the Mechanical and Electrical Building respectively to conduct special seminars. The symposium was hosted by Zhai Wenjie, secretary of the Youth League Committee of the college, and Liu Mei, secretary of the party branch of the Sothink Technology Association, respectively. The past instructors of the Student Association of the Youth League Committee and the SOSS Association, Jiang Lingbin, deputy director of the Party Office and the School Office, and Tian Bin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the School of Computer Science and Technology, attended the symposium, reminiscing with the alumni about the past together, telling their experiences in the past ten years and talking about their expectations for the future. 



After the symposium, students, faculty and alumni came together to Dingxin Square for the unveiling ceremony of the graduation memorial tree of the College of Accountancy and Communication. Since 2016, the college has held a graduation ceremony at Dingxin Square, and every graduate will plant a moon tree as a parting gift to the college for five years. Tian Bin inaugurated the moon garden for the graduation commemoration of "You in every month, deep love in every season", and the representatives of alumni of each class put up the plaque for the moon tree. We hope that the future will be passed on from one generation to the next, and we wish the graduates of the School of Computer Science and Technology a prosperous working life as the flowers bloom every month. 


"Mr. Tian Bin awarded the commemorative certificate to the alumni representatives and delivered a speech, welcoming them to visit home often and help them to guide the growth of their younger siblings.



After that, the alumni, led by the current members of Reunion and SOS, went back to the basement of Yifu Building, where they had worked and struggled, and sent their most sincere blessings to the younger students and the two big families, Reunion and SOS, there. 


The meeting is short, but the reunion is expected. A short meeting, we can't remember all the past years, and we can't talk about the deep feelings of the present. I wish all the family members of the group and SOS all the best, and I also wish all the alumni to work well and live a happy life, and I look forward to seeing you again!