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Our institute was supported by the 1st Health and Longevity Innovation Competition finalists in the new product category

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 Recently, the final round of the 1st Health and Longevity Innovation Competition organized by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and hosted by Beijing Kangwei Medical Innovation Technology Co. The project "Application of 3D image fusion technology mediated robot in elderly bone and joint diseases" was supported by the New Product Group; the project "Preparation and preclinical safety and efficacy study of needle body insulated Chinese medicine acupuncture needles" declared by Prof. Tianxin Li from the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering was supported by the New Technology Group; the project "User anxiety based social grid" declared by Associate Professor Xiaohui Wang from the School of Mechanical Engineering was supported by the New Technology Group. The project "Analysis of user anxiety and stress based on social grid and positive intervention" won the Excellence Award.


        RuoXiu Xiao, PhD, Associate Professor, is now working in the School of Computer and Communication Engineering. She is mainly engaged in the research of medical image processing and computer-aided diagnosis and treatment. She has presided over 7 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Beijing Science and Technology Commission. He edited one book "Machine Intelligence: Human Face Engineering" and translated one medical book. He applied for 12 national invention patents, and 4 have been authorized. During the New Crown epidemic, he achieved the first digital 3D reconstruction of infected lung in the international arena, and the results were widely reported by China Science News, Science.com and other media. The "AR Remote Guidance System" has been applied in 19 front-line hospitals across China, which effectively reduces the risk of medical transmission and contributes to the prevention and control of the epidemic.