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Our young teacher Wang Xiaokun and others won the best paper award in the International Conference on Computer Graphics (CGI2020)

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In the 37th International Conference on Computer Graphics (CGI) held in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 20 to October 23, our young faculty member Xiaokun Wang and doctoral student Sno Liu and others won the best paper award for their paper "Robust The paper "Robust turbulence simulation for particle-based fluids using the Rankine vortex model" by Xiaokun Wang and Sno Liu, a Ph.D. student, was unanimously praised by the reviewers of CGI2020 and members of the award committee, and won the best paper award of the conference. The best paper award was given by the reviewers and the jury members of CGI2020. A total of 90 papers (43 journal papers and 47 conference papers) were accepted, with an acceptance rate of about 20%-30%, and only 2 best papers were accepted.


CGI (Computer Graphics International) is an international mainstream computer graphics conference, one of the oldest international conferences in the field of computer graphics, a top academic forum for sharing the latest algorithms, models and technologies in computer graphics worldwide and exploring new trends and developments in related topics, known as the world's five most important graphics conferences Since 1983, it has been held in different cities in Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America, attracting experts and scholars from more than 30 countries and regions every year. Fluid simulation has been a research hotspot in the field of computer graphics and virtual reality, and is widely used in computer animation, computer games, film and television special effects, 3D visualization, medical imaging, industrial production and many other aspects, but due to numerical dissipation or coarse sampling of the grid and other problems, turbulent details are still difficult to simulate better. To this end, Xiaokun Wang et al. proposed a turbulence refinement method based on the Rankine vortex model to enhance the surface details by recovering the lost energy and converting the diffusive angular kinetic energy and the stretching angular kinetic energy of particles into the linear kinetic energy of neighboring particles using the Rankine vortex model.


Vortex heat map with different parameters turbulence effect

During the conference, Sno Liu et al. gave an oral presentation on turbulence simulation based on vortex model, which was highly praised by Prof. Daniel Thalmann of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Prof. Jinman Kim of University of Sydney and others, who evaluated that the proposed method "avoids the positive feedback effect between velocity field and vortex field, can realistically The proposed method "avoids the positive feedback effect between the velocity and vortex fields, is able to realistically recover the lost high frequency details, and maintains good convergence in both static and highly dynamic scenes".


The research team of Xiaokun Wang and others is the Artificial Intelligence and 3D Visualization Laboratory led by Professor Xiaojuan Ban. The team has achieved a series of excellent results in the research directions of computer graphics and virtual reality, and has recently published a paper related to turbulence simulation in the famous journal Computer Graphics Forum in graphics, and was invited to present a paper in the top international conference in the direction of computer animation He was invited to present a paper at the ACM/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) 2020.

It is reported that the best paper award of the international conference on computer graphics shows that the research achievements of our students and faculty have been highly recognized by international peers, which has played a positive role in promoting the international influence of the university's computer and artificial intelligence disciplines.