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The 14th iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Beijing was successfully held in our university.

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 On October 11, the 14th iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Beijing Selection Competition was successfully held at the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). This year's competition was jointly organized by the Steering Committee of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of the Ministry of Education, the Teaching Steering Sub-Committee of Innovative Methods of the Ministry of Education, Peking University, the Global Chinese Society of Micro and Nanomolecular Systems, and the iCAN International Alliance; it was hosted by the University of Science and Technology Beijing. Nearly 100 projects from more than 10 universities, including University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Beijing, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Beijing University of Technology, were selected by the university competition and entered the final round of the competition in Beijing, covering a variety of fields such as artificial intelligence, smart transportation, smart community and application development of Chinese core.

        Eleven experts from universities and enterprises in Beijing were invited to judge the competition, and nearly 100 teams were divided into AB and AB groups to defend their projects. In order to better meet the needs of the normalization of prevention and control during the epidemic, after preliminary coordination and communication, confirming the participants from brother universities, coordinating our university's creation space and electromechanical building defense classrooms, and organizing volunteers to repeatedly check all aspects of the competition, the iCAN city competition was successfully completed.

        Affected by the epidemic, the opening ceremony of the competition was held through online Tencent conference and live broadcast on Beeperi platform. The offline opening ceremony was set up in the lecture hall of Shell Creation Space, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of University of Science and Technology Beijing. Wang Lihong, deputy director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, and Tian Bin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy dean of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering, attended the event on behalf of the organizers.

        At the opening ceremony, Professor Zhang Haixia from Peking University, the initiator of iCAN Competition, delivered an enthusiastic speech to the participants on behalf of the organizers, expressing her hope for the innovation of university students and the cultivation of more and better projects and teams through the competition.

        After that, Wang Lihong, deputy director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of University of Science and Technology Beijing, the organizer of the competition, delivered a speech for the participants. She mentioned that, as the organizer of the competition for ten consecutive years, USTB has always been a great supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on the fundamental task of "establishing virtue and educating people", and taking the cultivation of students' innovation and entrepreneurship spirit and practical skills as the university's goal of talent cultivation and the "Double First Class" program. "The key content of the university construction, and gradually form a pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship talent training with the characteristics of NUST. The university will also support the competition as always and is committed to sending more quality teams and outstanding talents.

        At the opening ceremony, Jing Lv, head of university innovation from PNP, spoke on behalf of the judging team of the competition, saying that it will always maintain the principle of fair and impartial judging to build a stage for the contestants to showcase their talents and give objective evaluation and valuable advice. On behalf of the contestants, Ms. Wang Kefei from the University of Science and Technology told the story of her team's preparation for the competition during the epidemic and expressed her sincere gratitude for the strong leadership of the Party and the State in the prevention and control of the epidemic, which made it possible for them to compete offline today.

        The competition invited a number of expert judges to evaluate the entries in four aspects: product introduction, innovation, commerciality and technical solutions.

        After fierce competition, a total of 10 first prize teams, 18 second prize teams and 20 third prize teams were selected, of which the first prize and second prize teams will represent Beijing to compete in the national competition. A total of 12 teams from our school entered the national finals.