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The School of Computer and Communication Engineering successfully launched the online re-examination of graduate students in 2020

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Enrollment of postgraduate examinations is an important way for the country to select high-level specialized talents, and re-examination is an important part of postgraduate admissions examinations. In May 2020, in accordance with the unified requirements of the Ministry of Education and Beijing, and the "Working Program for Re-examination and Admission of 2020 Postgraduate Admissions for Beijing University of Science and Technology" Combined with the actual situation of the college, the "Working Program for the Re-examination and Admission of Postgraduate Admissions for 2020 of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing" was formulated.

        According to the unified requirements of the school, this postgraduate re-examination adopts the "cloud examination room" as the main system, and the college is equipped with one candidate for each online re-examination examination room. On May 14, the college organized all candidates to participate in technical training. On May 15th, the college held a working meeting of examiners on "Re-examination Instructions and Record Requirements". On May 16th and 17th, the college organized all candidate candidates to conduct a rehearsal simulation exercise. The candidate candidates randomly matched with all 164 candidates, debugged the equipment one by one, and simulated the entire process of the retest day. Aiming at problems such as poor network and equipment failure, alternative plans have been formulated to make adequate preparation for postgraduate re-examination work.

        On May 18, the college's 85 examiner teachers and 15 candidate candidates jointly completed 25 master's degree "cloud re-examinations". During the re-examination process, the college examiner strictly implements the “three random” mechanisms of the school ’s “randomly determine the candidate ’s re-examination order”, “randomly determine the composition of the tutor group” and “randomly select the re-examination questions”. Comprehensive assessment of comprehensive quality and foreign language level. The entire re-examination process is fair and just, and the order is stable. All links are recorded and recorded in accordance with the specifications to ensure that the entire re-examination process can be reproduced and traced. On the morning of the 18th, the party secretary Wu Guilong, the principal Yang Renshu, and the deputy secretary and vice principal Xue Qingguo made a special trip to the site to inspect and guide the postgraduate re-examination work.


        In a special period, the college implements the overall requirements of the school to carry out re-examination work in time-sharing, batch-wise, and orderly, adheres to the enrollment principle of "enrollment on demand, comprehensive measurement, merit-based admission, rather than lacking in excess", strict control, and every link is pragmatic Responsibilities are implemented at every level, which guarantees the smooth development of the re-examination work for postgraduate enrollment and contributes to the college's improvement of the quality of talent selection.