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USTB Computer Science Discipline’s ESI Ranking Increases Significantly

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According to the updated results of the May 2020 ESI database, USTB’s Computer Science discipline not only continues to rank firmly in the top 1% of global institutional disciplines, but its overall ranking has also increased significantly.





ESI is a basic analysis and evaluation tool for measuring the performance of scientific research and tracking scientific development trends. It is an important indicator widely used to evaluate the international academic level and the impact of universities and scientific research institutions. It is also one of the globally recognized standards for evaluating the development level of academic disciplines.


USTB’s Computer Science discipline entered the QS high-level discipline rankings in 2016 and ranked among the global top 350 in 2019, entered the global top 10%-20% in the Fourth National Discipline Assessment in 2017, and has been firmly ranked in the top 1% ESI global rankings since July 2018. In 2019, it first entered the global top 200 of the U.S. News 2020 World University Rankings, and currently ranks 189th in the world. In recent years, USTB’s Computer Science discipline’s comprehensive strength has continued to steadily improve, while the development of its disciplines in information fields has also grown considerably. Besides the improved level of discipline construction, scientific research and innovative capacity, the quality of talent training has also significantly improved. The leap in the ESI ranking further demonstrates the ever-increasing international academic influence of USTB Computer Science and the comprehensive strength of the university’s disciplines