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Remember the original intention and remember the mission” theme education research symposium

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On the afternoon of October 11th, the School of Computer and Communication Engineering “Remember the original intention and remember the mission” theme education research symposium and first-class discipline construction seminar was held in the 601 Electromechanical Information Building. The director and professor representatives participated in this symposium. The meeting was chaired by Li Ning, the vice president of the college and deputy secretary of the party committee.


Deputy Dean Yin Xucheng made an introduction around the discipline construction of the college. Yin Xucheng emphasized that implementing the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Jinping and adhering to the fundamental task of building up morals and people should deepen the reform of the education system, the reform of the school system and education management, and fully stimulate the vitality of the development of education. Yin Xucheng made an in-depth analysis of the current status and existing problems of the school's discipline construction from the overall situation of the double first-class construction of the school, the school's fourth round of discipline assessment, the computer science and communications discipline.


Vice President Ning Huansheng introduced the scientific research work of the college from four aspects: scientific research base, scientific research funds, scientific research projects, and scientific research achievements. Focusing on the deficiencies in the scientific research work, the college will further strengthen organized scientific research and smooth the school, team, and individual Scientific research communication and cooperation channels, timely exchange of information, and improve management efficiency. He pointed out that educating people is the responsibility of teachers in colleges and universities. Teachers should implement the requirements of " three full educating people "," all educating people, all-round educating people, and all-process educating people "." People "work, to guide students to grow into a newcomer of the times bravely bear the national rejuvenation.


        All the participants discussed the academic construction of the college.



Dean Long Keping pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized the necessity and importance of education. The development of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering should take discipline construction as the leader, establish people with virtue, and be based on this to continuously improve their core competition. Strength, one is to build a good discipline ecology under the new thinking of the new era and the new era, the second is to build a good system of discipline construction and talent training go hand in hand, the third is to create a good academic atmosphere in the college and encourage the collision of academic ideas, and the fourth is to strengthen the college ’s special funds for reasonable , Compliance, and legal use. Taking this “Remembering the original heart and remembering the mission” educational research activity as an opportunity, we conducted research on the deep-seated problems in the discipline construction of the college and the bottleneck problems encountered in the reform and development of the college to solve the actual situation. Problems, and constantly improve the quality of discipline construction in the college.

Investigation and research is a key measure of the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission". According to the deployment requirements of the school's theme education leadership group, the leadership team of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering adheres to the problem orientation, focusing on the theme of "grasping the original mission, taking party building work as the command, and comprehensively improving the school's first-class discipline construction level and talent training quality", focusing on key issues , Focus on solving problems, combine the actual work of the college, sort out the specific research directions, formulate research work plans, and steadily promote the smooth progress of the research work.